5 Reasons to Start Using Showit Templates for Your Bio Links

As small business owners, I'm sure you're aware of the importance of having a link in your Instagram Bio. This is the very tool that can allow your followers or viewers of your Instagram turn into paying clients and customers. 

So why do we have these bio link web pages that look so...off-brand? basic? exactly like everyone else's bio link pages? 

In order to solve that problem, we're going to look at the five reasons you should consider using a Showit Template for your bio link (or a separate webpage on your website if you don't already use ShowIt). 

5 reasons to start using showit website templates for your instagram bio links in your small business

01. Your Business Will Immediately Stand Out

You have been working tirelessly to have your small business marketing work efficiently. You are constantly looking for ways to improve your business, get more sales and more website traffic, and allow your products and services to be seen. So why not let this important business touch-point be another way to stand out from the crowd?

Creating a better link in bio is one of the simplest ways to better your business, and one not many small businesses take the time to do.  

improving your bio link on your social media

02. More Opportunity for Sales

With better bio link pages, there comes the opportunity to make more sales in your small business (or book more clients). While most pages, such as LinkTree, have a pretty standard layout, with one link after another, creating a ShowIt page can allow you to point out and highlight more specific, important information and current products. 

minimalist showit website design for marketing and passive income

03. Improved Website SEO

When you have your own Showit Bio Link Page, you're essentially skipping the middle man of LinkTree (or other similar service). You're directly driving traffic to your website, to more web pages, and further supporting your website's SEO traffic. 

04. Saves You Money

Creating a lean, profiting business, it's important to cut out unnecessary expenses, and focus investments that move the needle forward. For example, I was paying LinkTree a yearly fee to have the most visually appealing bio link page possible (which I still didn't love). Instead, I am now able to use my ShowIt Page (something I was already investing in), and apply it to my bio link as well. Win, win, win. 

link tree bio links alternative

05. Better Client + Customer Experience 

Lastly, and certainly not the least important, is an improved client experience. As a wedding photographer looking to cater to the high-end wedding market, I believe each and every touch-point I have with clients and planners is crucial in building a brand people can know, like, and trust. Since many clients' first interactions will happen through Instagram, it's safe to assume that the bio link may be the secondary experience - so why not make it beautiful and on-brand? 

If you're looking for a place to begin, I highly suggest checking out this Showit Template for Bio Links

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xx. Abi

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