Books to Move Your Career (and Mindset) Forward

There are so many aspects to what create a successful company/thriving business. Being self-employed comes with so many obstacles includes lack of creative partners (think, working at home alone most days), poor mindset (being fully responsible for creating the mindset your business needs), and time off (yes, you, as a business owner, need true time off to make your business succeed). 

Over the past few years, I've begun reading through many books, both business-oriented and personal, to allow myself to grow as a business owner, leader, and overall better human. The more we empower ourselves, the better we can show up for our businesses, families, and friends. 

a list of the best books for self-employed creatives to help improve mindset and business practices

Here is an extensive list of the books I've found to be so helpful these past few years: 

Money + Marketing

Financial Feminist: This book is a wonderful tool to get you started to building more wealth. From the specifics of easily creating your retirement accounts, to having a high-yeild savings account, to knowing how to advocate for a higher salary, this book has it allll. 

This Is Marketing: I'm in the beginning stages of reading this book, and it's already changing how I see marketing within my business. 

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: This book completely changed my mindset around money and wealth. Certainly leans into some of the 'woo-woo', however it's also very practical and helpful in moving your mindset and career forward (and fast). 

Personal Growth, Health, + Wellness

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle: This book is full of so many tools to understand burnout and stress, and how they play a role in your daily work and personal life. It's full of really practical strategies to improve your life; I've found so many of these to be incredibly helpful and easy.

Atomic Habits: This book has changed how I approach my goals and my day-to-day routines. It's an easy read, and truly inspiring. Highly recommend keeping this one on hand! 

The Stress Prescription: This book addresses stress in our daily lives and reframes how we can view stress. There are positive ways we can utilize stress that our body, brain, and mind love (ie; if you see me taking some cold showers or incorporating HIIT workouts, you can find out why by reading this book!). 

The Way Out: I'm wishing I had read this book 10 years ago. The author speaks extensively on chronic pain, and how much of the (very real pain) we experience can be caused by our brain (and how to change this). This can look like: chronic back pain, foot pain, IBS, neck and shoulder pain, chronic headaches or migraines, etc. An easy read (I love the way he writes!). 

The F*ck It Diet: If you've grown up in any sort of diet culture (ahem, that's pretty much everyone), this new perspective on food in a game-changer. Learning to let go of perfectionism (this applies to so much more than simply what food you eat), as well as learning how to practice positive self-talk are just a couple of the topics presented in this book. 

Brain Energy: If you've struggled with any kind of mental disorders (anxiety, depression, etc), I highly recommend this read. It's a bit more science-heavy, however it's written in a very comprehendible way. Couldn't put this book down! 

Art Books You Need in Your Life

The Perfect Imperfect: My friend, John Dolan, has created this incredible collection of imagery from his career as a wedding photographer. The images inspire me to consistently focus on a documentary/story-telling approach in my own work. 


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