The Best Tools for Photographers

I get asked all the time: what are you favorite tools I use in my photography business? Let's dive into a few that I couldn't run my business without! 

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My first suggestion is extremely inexpensive, and is a tool I use every single day in my business. Planoly allows me to easily plan out my Instagram feed in way that will appeal to luxury clients.



why use 17Hats for photography business



Why 17Hats? 

  • Easily send, receive, and keep track of business invoices. 
  • Easily connect to Quickbooks to automatically keep track of all incoming payments.
  • Keep client folders with notes, attachments, etc. Much easier than a Google Spreadsheet!
  • Allow for online payments. 
  • Get 10% OFF your membership here


Why use Greentoe for photographers?



Why Use GreenToe?

  • Save tons of money on new photography gear! ( joke). 
  • Get Free Shipping + Taxes included in final price (unlike most stores you buy from). 
  • Comes with all warranties, receipts, etc. 
  • I typically use this when I'm purchasing a larger, brand new product. I recently bought both of my Canon R6's from this website. I got both for about $250 less than market rate, PLUS I didn't pay shipping or taxes on that. 
  • You can find my affiliate link here



best hard rolling case for photographers for traveling and weddings


Nanuk Cases

Why Use Nanuk? 

  • Very sturdy; customizable interior.
  • Room up top for laptop, cards, batteries, etc. 
  • Fits into the standard size airplane overhead bin, making it my go-to case to travel with.
  • Not very expensive. Can get quickly from Amazon.
  • Multiple color options! 
  • You can find my exact case here



Why Use Quickbooks in Your Small Business?



Why Quickbooks?

  • The easiest way to keep track of all expenses, incoming payments, overdue or upcoming invoices, etc. 
  • Easy to use Reports that I send directly to my Accountants + Tax Assistance. 
  • Syncs with many different businesses including: Etsy, 17Hats, PayPal, Amazon Business, Square, Shopify, and many more.
  • Get up to 50% OFF + a $50 Visa Gift Card for you Business here


Favorite Gear For Photographers: 

  • Incredible, versatile camera strap for mirrorless cameras.
  • High-quality messenger bag/tote for camera equipment. 
  • Small "field pouch" camera bag - perfect for day-trips, carrying film, and neatly storing gear within your larger bag. 
  • Travel backpack for your cameras: go from a shoulder bag, to a backpack, to a handle bag. Perfect if you're planning a trip + need your gear with you.




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