Photography Gear Recommendations

Gear Recommendations

Below you'll find a list of the gear that I use within my photography business, including camera bodies, lenses, adaptors, lighting, etc. If you'd like to see a list of Business Tools I use to operate my business, please see this page

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links below are affiliate links from Amazon, KEH, etc. This means that I earn a small commission should you decide to buy one of these products (at no added cost to you). 

canon camera body recommendations for wedding photographers

Digital Cameras

Canon R5 Mirrorless Camera New or Canon R5 Mirrorless Camera Used

Canon R6 Mirrorless Camera New or Canon R6 Mirrorless Camera Used

EF Lens Adaptor for Canon R5 and Canon R6

Canon G7Xii for quick, "low-fi" moments


Canon EF 50mm 1.2 This is my go-to lens for a large majority of wedding days. If you get any lens to begin your kit, I would highly recommend this one. And yes, it's worth investing in this one over the 1.4 or 1.8. I use this with both of my Canon mirrorless cameras (R5 and R6) with a $100 adaptor, and they work wonderfully. 

Canon EF 35mm 1.4 I can't recommend this lens enough. The focusing is insanely great, and it's a perfect lens for wide-angle portraits and candid moments in a wedding day. I compared this lens to the 35mm mirrorless Canon lens (the newer version), and preferred this lens with the adaptor. 

film camera recommendations for wedding photographers

Film Cameras

Leica M4-P on Ebay or Leica M6 on KEH (35mm Film Cameras) Both cameras are fantastic options. Personally, I love the M4P because it gives you the same look as the M6, but for slightly less investment. The only difference I've noticed is that the M6 has a built-in meter. 

Contax 645 on Ebay (Medium Format Film Camera) My 'workhorse' camera. This is part of what I'd currently consider my 'essentials' kit of cameras. The Zeiss glass that is paired with this camera (Zeiss 80mm) is one of the best lenses on a medium format camera. I use this camera for about 70-80% or more of wedding days.

Contax G2 on Ebay (35mm Film Camera) *Learn about the Contax G2 here

Toy Film Cameras

Holga 120N  This is easily one of my favorite cameras to use/shoot. I use this on practically every shoot. Perfect for introducing film into your work, or creating unique film work. Easy to learn. Make sure to grab my Holga Guide to learn how to best use this camera. 

Sprite 35mm "Reusable Disposable" Camera   Another wonderful option for a toy camera. I highly recommend using this to shoot tons of black and white film. It's a great option for handing to your wedding clients to grab a few images 'from their perspective'. Easily refill with 35mm film, instead of wasting entire disposable cameras. 


video lights flashes and speed lites for Canon cameras


Canon 600 Speedlite (x3) (Can communicate wirelessly)

Canon 430 ii Speedlite (Good to start if you can't afford 600 Speedlites)

Canon 430 (Original; used for Holga 120 Toy Camera)

Speedlite Stands + Speedlite Hot Shoe Holder These are a great way to create off-camera lighting without breaking the bank. These stands are very small/lightweight, but still get great height for shooting off-camera at receptions. I purchase the Hot Shoe Holders to attach my flash (especially if you don't have the plastic hot shoe holder that comes with your flash). 

* Rechargeable Batteries You Need for Your Flashes (Better than every other brand I've found)

Speedlite Diffusers

Gary Fong Diffuser (usually shot without top on)

MagMod Diffuser

MagSnoot (fun, experimental dance floor shots) 

Video Lights

Inexpensive Video Light (x2)

Card Readers

Primary Card Reader (used for most cards; Canon R6)

CF Express Card Reader (for new CF cards in Canon R5)

External HardDrives

SanDisk Solid State (recommend at least 2TB)

HardDrive Case for Laptop (use for all travel/in-flight editing)

Wedding Day Must-Haves

Black Half Apron with 3 Pockets

Black Rapid Dual Harness