Beginners Guide to Shooting Film
Beginners Guide to Shooting Film

Beginners Guide to Shooting Film

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Dying to learn how to shoot film, but unsure where to begin?

This is the perfect, step-by-step guide that will outline everything you need to know in order to successfully shoot film in your photography business. Wanting to know the secret to how I create imagery that appeals to my ideal, high-end client? FILM. Over and over again, I urge my students to consider shooting film to create the stunning imagery they're after, and now there's an inexpensive way to get into the film world. 

What you'll learn in this PDF:

  • Why film? Understand why fine art photographers often choose to shoot film, and what the difference is between film and digital. 
  • Film terminology. Get a section full of all the terminology you need to know, written in a way that makes it easy to learn.
  • Your mentality. Advice on how to get into the correct mentality before investing in film. 
  • What camera? Get a glance into which cameras I recommend, what to consider when purchasing a camera, and where to look for great gear options. 
  • Which light meter is best? Understand what your light meter should do, and which light meters I've used and recommend.
  • All about film stocks. Which film stock is best for your photography aesthetic? An in-depth look into both C-41 and B&W film stocks.
  • Understanding measurements of light. Learn what a stop of light is, and how to adjust settings for the best possible images.
  • How to shoot without a light meter. Not looking to invest in a light meter just yet? Learn two different techniques on how to shoot without a handheld light meter.
  • How to shoot with a handheld light meter. Learn which settings to input in your meter to get the perfect settings for every image. 
  • Pushing and pulling film. When, if at all, should I push and pull film in development? What results can I expect from this?
  • Budgeting for film. How to best budget for film based on a simple equation.
  • Sending off film. How to properly and safely send off film to your lab.
  • Film scanner options. Which scanner should you use, and what are the main differences between the two? 
  • Film technician communication. Best practices on how to communicate with your lab technician for best results.
Beginners Guide to Shooting Film