The Instagram Curation Guide
The Instagram Curation Guide
The Instagram Curation Guide

The Instagram Curation Guide

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Does your Instagram feed feel a little lacking? When you take a quick glance through your Instagram page, do you feel that it speaks well to your ideal, high-end client, or do you feel a little stuck where you're at and unsure of how to up-level your portfolio?

What people are saying

" This guide is packed full of useful information that I've been needing in my brand. Cannot wait to implement her teachings!" - Allison

"This Instagram Curation Guide is so amazing! I always dread posting to my feed, but this makes me so excited to put up new content!" - McKenzie

"Wedding industry friends - you NEED this!" - Shani

 What is the Instagram Curation Guide?

The Instagram Curation Guide was created specifically from what I have learned through helping creatives craft a better Instagram portfolio (and with the work that they already have).

Through helpful, easily digestible advice and tasks, this guide is designed to help you see your Instagram and the work you post in a new light. It is possible to craft a feed that will speak to a luxury-level clientele, even before you have reached that level within your industry. 

Who is this for? 

The Instagram Curation Guide was built with wedding industry creatives in mind, although many of the same principles apply to anyone in a creative industry who uses Instagram as a means to communicate with their ideal client. In particular, this guide is helpful for wedding industry creatives who seek to appeal to a high-end, luxury clientele now or in the near future.  

Is this for me? 

  • You're a creative or wedding industry professional looking to up-level your Instagram feed. 
  • You feel stuck understanding your brand style and how that translates into your Instagram. 
  • You want to know how to achieve a luxury level look without first having luxury level work.
  • You want to learn how posting less (and according to your own timeline) can benefit your work and the clients you book. 

A few of the topics that are covered: 

  • What luxury looks like within your Instagram imagery. 
  • How your brand should translate into your Instagram. 
  • Things to avoid when posting (the things that will repel luxury level clients). 
  • How to get the clients you want through your image choices. 
  • Creating an aesthetic that directly speaks to your ideal clients. 
  • Letting go of the need to please, and how this will benefit your brand. 
  • Creating an easy-to-follow content strategy. 


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The Instagram Curation Guide
The Instagram Curation Guide