Passive Income Ideas (for Photographers and Creatives)

I have been getting asked what passive income streams I've been diving into lately. Here are a few that have worked well for me!

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Etsy Storefront

Why Etsy?

  • Easy to start, can easily sell digital download products (without large investment up front). 
  • Very inexpensive. 
  • Already has a large amount of viewers. 
  • Advertise through Etsy (not complicated or expensive). 
  • Click here to see my Etsy Store


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Share-A-Sale Account

Why Use Share-A-Sale?

  • Easy to create your own account. 
  • Quick and easy access to many different brands who use affiliate marketing. 
  • Receive higher paying commissions (some close to 30-40% per sale). 
  • Find brands that fit within photography (or your creative field). I personally use (love this site + feel 100% confident referring customers to it), as well as Creative Live (wonderful educational site for various types of creatives at different levels). 
  • Open your account, and start applying to affiliate for various brands here.



    passive income streams for photographers and creatives

    Shopify Stores:

    Why Use Shopify?

    • Allows you to sell digital products, physical products, and more. 
    • Great spot to sell educational materials (PDF downloads, etc). 
    • Allows you to create your own website (host your own blog, bring traffic specifically to your site). 
    • Start your Shopify Store here.

    Looking for Ideas on Educational Content to Create on Shopify? 

    • "How to" Education (How To Edit, How to Use Photoshop, How to Get Higher Paying Clients). 
    • Email templates (20 Email Templates for Every Small Business Owner).
    • Canva Templates (Pricing Guides, Welcome Guides, Business Cards). 


    how to become an adobe creative cloud affiliate as a photographer

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Become an Adobe Affiliate

    • Recommend your favorite Adobe products that you already use to earn a commission. 
    • Only takes a few days to get approved. 


    how to start using Pic-Time, best photography gallery hosting site to generate passive income

    Start Using Pic-Time

    Why Use Pic-Time for Gallery Hosting? 

    • Super intuitive and easy to use. 
    • Generate easy passive income using their pre-made email marketing plans. 
    • Email marketing comes with standard membership. 
    • Already need a gallery-hosting site, so you might as well have one that generates lots of income for you. 
    • Get emails to remind you about upcoming holidays, etc. that you may be able to make more print sales. 
    • I have made about $6500 profit in the past 8-10 months selling prints and albums (and that's almost entirely hands off). 
    • Grab a FREE month using this code: W3E77B


    Coming Soon | Learn Affiliate Marketing

    Want to do a deep dive into affiliate marketing? I've found an incredible online course for $7 that will help you understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing as it relates to whatever field you want (photography, for me!). 

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